About Hopewell Area Events

The Hopewell Valley / Princeton area in New Jersey is blessed with an impressive variety of civic-minded non-profit organizations. But with this wealth of organizations, each sponsoring interesting activities, it can be hard to keep track of all that is going on in the area.

Thus the Hopewell Area Events sites (Hopewell-Events.com), which automatically compile event information from available sources, and produce consolidated listings for the Hopewell and Princeton areas.

These compilations also are complimented with separate listings of town-wide activities and local organizations.

Hopewell Area Events Sites

Hopewell Area Events Compilation of Hopewell Valley event listings
Princeton Area Events Compilation of Princeton area event listings
Hopewell Area Town-Wide Events Town-wide events in the Hopewell Valley
Hopewell Area Organizations List of local public and non-profit organizations    

Event Sources

The Hopewell and Princeton Area Events compilations are created by an EventScrape web tool that automatically collects event information from the web sites of local non-profit organizations. The event information is screened to extract upcoming featured events for adults, which are then consolidated into the final listings.

The events are aggregated and presented in chronological order for the upcoming months, with trimmed descriptions, and links back to the original sources for more information. You also can select an individual source to see only its listings, and expand / contract the listings to see only the titles or the descriptions.

The Hopewell Area Events listings currently combine events from the Hopewell Public Library, Pennington Public Library, local branches of the Mercer County library system (Hopewell, Ewing, and Lawrence), and the Hopewell Museum (in cooperation with the Hopewell Valley Historical Society).

The Princeton Area Events listings currently combine events from the Princeton Public Library, the MCL West Windsor branch, and the N.J. State Library.

These sources are used since they provide structured event listings that can be processed automatically. Additional sources can be added in the future.

Event Listings

The focus of these listings is on featured events / presentations for adults. The EventScrape tool therefore excludes recurring / repeating events, children's events, and other activities (e.g., crafts, fitness, and movies). These are screened by using keywords to match to the event titles / descriptions, in order to include or exclude certain phrases. (See the Statistics section at the bottom of the listings for details on how the source listings were processed.)

The listings including fields for the event title, date / time, hosting organization, venue, and description. The title and host fields link to additional information on the source website.

The description field is trimmed to extract approximately four lines from the beginning of the full description. It also includes information on registration, if available.


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